Is it normal my poison oak rash is making my tempeture rise?

It's on 80 percent of my body. That area includes all over my crotch. The rash on my arm keeps getting worse and now it's starting to feel very hot.

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  • You are showing signs of a severe allergic reaction. You need to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Do it now.

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  • Being a PA myself for quite some time, I have seen this case a lot; especially in those hot and humid summer months. I would advise you to see a medical professional. In the mean time (don’t know what time zone you’re in) take something (preferably Tylenol, Motrin) to reduce any kind of swelling and or fever, accompanied by a cold compress. Do not take anything for a rash (allergy medication- Benadryl, ceterizine, etc) if you have any kind of anti itching cream on your body or calamine lotion. This could cause additional complication as well. Your best bet would be going to a doctor any e.r./patients first -clinic

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