Is it normal my phone is losing so much data

I just got plan renewed been off phone all week and now I'm nearly out of data. How is my phone using it so quickly? Even when I'm not using it.

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  • Even if you have no apps open, data is still lost just by having it connected ..
    Try turning your mobile data off?

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  • I also found they update on their own too. That's alot of data.

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  • Are you leaving apps like maps or shit like this site open? Flashing ads and stuff like that eats your data plan when not on WiFi.

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  • ALSO guys be careful because I just got a new phone on black friday and when they were "setting up my phone" they turned the data on thinking i'm not gonna notice. THEY WANT YOU TO GO OVER ** CONSPIRACY THEORY ;D

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  • Do you have the option to turn the data off on your phone? Even if you don't have apps open and your data is set to on its still constantly connecting to the internet, connecting to apps, updating apps and sending you notifications.

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  • First world problems.

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