Is it normal my parents say i can't get a job until my grades improve?

My parents (my mum) tells me I can't get a job until my grades improve even though I'm already trying really hard at school?

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  • Parents expect too much sometimes

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  • You could always get a job that doesn’t require high grades like shoveling shit.

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  • You dont day what your grades are, so its hard to know. Your first job is being a student. If you can accomplish that satisfactorily then you can move on to other thibgs, like sports, debate, clubs, or an actual paying job. So it may be reasonable.

    For all my kids, the level of satisfactory work in school was different as some kids are good in school some are not.

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  • When ya young just worry about getting as much education as possible. Only make things easier latter on.

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  • Oddly enough you probably need less time on your hands to improve in both sectors, it helped me. Having too much time leads to procrastination, having less cuts the fat and makes your mind go through loops to get shit done.

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  • What kinda grades are you getting there, sport?

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