Is it normal my nephew is scared of marjorie taylor greene?

My sister always watches Republican news networks and everytime MTG comes on, my nephew crinkles his face, starts crying, and hides. He doesn't do this with any other person on TV. He's a toddler if it matters. Is it normal?

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  • If a toddler has a bias and fear of the other side already and reacts like that then that fear was definitely planted by the parents which at that age kind of feels like you're just trying to brainwash them while they are still soaking up information like a sponge and too young to understand.

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    • Disagree.

      I have a very good friend that is gay and a niece that the first time she saw them, she started a crying fit and she was less than a year old. She doesn't do that with anybody else. It's two years later and she still cry's when she sees them.

      Now, there is no sign on their head that say gay, so it's not that, I just believe there are certain facial features or smells or something a toddler or infant keys on. But, a lot of people and family want to blame it on them being gay, because to us as adults it's the only difference we know of. Otherwise, they are just one of the family with very similar features and personality.

      Children see things differently!

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  • And all the kids at kindergarten clapped.

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  • This is right up there with stories of toddlers saying things like "the patriarchy is a problematic and longstanding system of oppression which I can't in good conscience support"

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  • Very normal. Trust the child's instincts. I'm scared of that gun loving MAGA crackpot myself. She harassed defenseless David Hogg when she was surrounded by her goons.

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  • Marjorie taylor seems to be the only person with balls. Maybe shes a transgenda

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