Is it normal my natural sleep is like this

If I follow my natural inner clock I sleep from 3 or 4 AM and I wake up at 2 PM. I nearly always naturally wake up at 2 PM if I have nothing planned, even if I sleep earlier. I have realized it does no good for me though and makes me more tired, depressed and slow to sleep that long.
I was unemployed a long time now I have a job again and its nice to get up early even though im a wreck in the morning. As soon as I have gotten ready and had my coffee and starting to be less exhausted I feel pumped about a new day and my mood rises. Then christmas and new years came and my workplace have only been open a few hours in the evening so i've worked some evening shifts. It has not been good for me. I no longer had a reason to get up early so I slept. Today for example I set my alarm to 11 AM and I snoozed for almost 3 hours then when I got up I had less than 2 hours to get ready before work so you can imagine how much of the day I missed. I took a shower, got ready, made coffee and cleaned my pets litterbox and did some sweeping and then I had to go the bus and I worked from 4 PM to 7 PM on an empty stomach, got home had dinner and then it was late. Living like that I miss the entire day and I stay awake all night because I slept all day. On Monday its back to work as normal and I have to get up at 7 AM again... Its horrible but also very good. I do not know why my inner clock wants me to sleep in the daytime but its been that way as long as I can remember. Once on the weekend when I was a kid I remember I slept until 6 PM and I wasnt even sick lol I just accidently slept the entire day until 6 PM... I think something is wrong with me I am too tired all the time so its easy to sleep all day...

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  • Check out idiopathic hypersomnia sounds like that might be a problem for you. I think doctors prescribe stimulants for that but I could be wrong

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    • Thank you for that, it sounds relatable for me.

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