Is it normal my mom would take us in with her to shower when we were toddlers?

I've noticed this habit in other families too, but I could see how some could find it "inappropriate". I think my mom just found it easier to bathe us at the same time she took a bath. This all stopped around the time we were five years old. It absolutely had *NOTHING* to do with sexual abuse and I am absolutely not claiming that against my mother. She was a good mom.

It just seems like an awkward habit some families partake in and some don't. I've even seen some dads shower with their young kids... I'm not sure how I feel about that (then again, how is it different?)

Anecdote: when my brother was 2 my mom turned to turn on the shower and he smacked her on the butt, proclaiming, "Is this fat?!" Bless you Jon, RIP 1988-2018.

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  • I feel like it's weird if a father takes a shower naked with his daughter or son even if they're under 5. If he's wearing swim shorts fine but if not it borders on creepy. I think that's because female genitalia is hidden but male genital is out there so to me it's just weird for a man to do that. Don't get me wrong I think it's weird for a woman too but it's less creepy in my opinion

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  • It's not inappropriate. I swear humans are so weird to think fucking SHOWERING is inappropriate. And it is different because males have a penis, women do not possess such anatomy that can be used to violate or hurt a kid.

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    • They have hands...

      I feel a downvote incoming anyway, so I'll just continue: The idea that women are incapable of violating a child just because they don't have a penis is ridiculous. A flaccid penis is not a "weapon", unless you're saying that men naturally get aroused while cleaning their own children. Something that I guess would never happen if he was female because, what, women are too pure and innocent for that?

      The idea that I would somehow remain unviolated after an unwanted encounter in a shower just because the person assaulting me was my mother instead of my father is just such utter bullshit.

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    • Common sense. We don't have the weapon.

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  • I have showered and sometimes when I am in a hurry I still shower with him.
    He asked me to shake my butt once because he saw Gloria, the hippo doing it in the movie Madagascar.

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  • I think it's a pretty normal thing for young kids. My wife showered with our daughter when she was little.

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  • Okay, uhh... neither of my parents ever did anything like this, so excuse me if I find everything else on this page kind of creepy.

    When I was very little, like 3 or 4, I remember taking baths with my older brothers, but I think even then we wore swimming trunks.

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  • We had a sauna for as long as I remember so bathing with your parents was less of a taboo.

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  • I sat in the bathtub with my mom when I was a kid.
    I think thats normal.

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  • I’m a female. I remember being very little and showering with my dad and my brother. I don’t remember anything else. Just getting clean. Lol.

    I’ve showered with all of my children. It’s SO convenient. It’s even better when you clean them first and then your partner dries and dresses them so you can continue a nice peaceful shower.

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