Is it normal my guy friends are this easily offended

I once shared an almost boomer-tier meme on my Facebook that showed two people in the car, the driver put on a certain band and the passenger went "I hate this band" so the driver in the third panel of the meme threw the passenger out of the car and continued to listen. I shared it ironically from a fanpage for a band I like. Then every single guy I know, not even kidding every single one, commented on the meme really offended like "wow would you really do that??" so I had to reassure every single one like "no its a joke, I would never throw you out of the car".
I once also had a guy friend tell me when we were texting that he's sad so I asked him why and he said he'd saw that I had a week earlier liked a meme of an old lady with a shirt that said "fuck everyone" or something like that and I had commented that that's already how I feel about people. So I had reassure him that I do not hate him. Do people really take personal offense to memes? I'm just a person with that sort of humor and my former best friend is an extremely sarcastic borderline mean person, I imagine if these friends of mine had ever met him they would've cried because he didnt share memes he just said things that would sound horribly mean if one doesn't understand a persons sarcasm. Sometimes I miss having a friend like that. My current friends are always extremely nice and so am I to them since it's our dynamic and I am generally a polite person but it gets kind of boring to never have an outlet for your less polite sides and apparently I cant even interact with memes that arent even offensive to most people without offending my current friends.

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  • I honestly don’t know why they were upset. It’s just a meme/joke that isn’t that offensive.

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  • XD hahahaha Gen Zs at their finest.

    Yes this is typical of young people today. Especially in the social media savvy crowds.

    If you want a more down to earth friend, then hit up your local bar or pub. Find someone who isn't into online social life. Someone with a normal day job and typical interests such as watching football. There's plenty of people in our generation that are not easily offended. Just takes some searching to find.

    I was lucky to accidentally run into someone normal (who appreciates my sometimes abrasive humor) by accident on social media. Then that person stopped going online because all my other online friends got offended by him and this caused drama. XD What I'm saying is: go out and socialize outside of uptight echo chambers on Twitter. Plenty of normal people our age.

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  • You just seem to know plenty of idiots. Don't blame all men.
    Are you in the US? Seems like a sad commentary of our youth if they are all so delicate.

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