Is it normal my friend used to get jealous because i'd hang out with her dad?

I used to have a friend that I was once close with. We are both females. I used to go and see her at her dad's and also I befriended her father because she was my friend and I really loved her.

Little to my knowledge, did I know that she was highly jealous because of this.
She even stopped talking to me for about 4 months because she thought I had a better relationship with her dad than she did with him.
That was far from the truth.
I was also peeved off that she wasn't upset that I was spending more time with her dad than with her.

I feel like I was never very special to her anyway.

is it normal that she acted like this though and she didn't even try to sort it out with me. She just shut me out. I even tried to confront her about what was wrong and can we talk about it.

She was like "I don't want to talk about it"

I was semi drunk as I plucked up the courage to talk to her. I just stood there for a bit and said something like "But it'd be good to sort it out " I mumbled this while looking down as I felt awkward af.

She said "I told you I don't want to talk about it so why are you still asking me"? She was very cold too.

I also found a text on her friends phone about me saying "Cause bloody (name), rings my dad and shit. Go for a walk, get back and she's on the phone. Ima smash her face so hard into the ground and stomp on it.

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  • We're obviously only getting your side of the story here, but if what you say is accurate, her wanting to inflict physical violence on you seems a very extreme reaction.

    Since you mention being drunk, I assume you're a young (or maybe not so young) adult.

    You say you saw your friend at her father's place, so I take it that he and your former friend's mother are separated or divorced. Perhaps the daughter saw the potential for something happening between you and him? Is it possible that your former friend saw your actions as flirtatious? Or maybe she thought her father was flirting with you? Maybe she spotted him looking at you in ways that made her uncomfortable, and she found this too embarrassing to discuss with you?

    Or maybe she refused to talk to you because she really didn't have a clue why she found your relationship with her father so disturbing. Father-daughter dynamics can be very confusing, and it appears that you didn't get to know the family well enough to really understand the history between the two.

    Kids learn communication skills from their parents. Hers are obviously poor, and the parents are divorced, so maybe there are all sorts of tensions in the family that they just don't talk about.

    Maybe she still feels that her father abandoned her when he and her mother got divorced, and she still feels very angry about that. Then along you come, and suddenly you and her father are best friends (at least as she sees it), and he's making efforts to connect to your family.

    In any case, she apparently feels something close to rage about the whole situation and she's not willing to talk to you about it. There's nothing you can do about that. If you're certain that you did nothing wrong, then you have to just let it be and move on.

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  • Why do you call her dad a lot? That's kind of weird?
    She's sounds like she has anger issues tho but still .. if she doesn't like you hanging out with her dad respect that and don't do it.

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    • Like I said I was befriending him because I would always go over to see her so it's obviously a polite thing to do.

      Also my mum became friends with him so he would ring to see if we wanted to go over and I didn't phone him that much.

      And for ffs! Why do people think her reaction is normal! My family certainly didn't.
      She didn't even talk to me about it, I had to find out through other people -_-
      I would not have befriended him otherwise.
      I was being polite and wanted to get to know her family because I really cared about her.

      If that was me, I wouldn't have gotten so mad and if it bothered me a bit, I'd talk to my friend about my feelings rather than talk violently behind my back as well as stop talking to me for months!

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  • Wtf how's this normal! ? I don't think wanting to smash your friends head into the ground because your jealous of your dad having friends is normal at all

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  • She's jealous that you have a better relationship with him than she does

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