Is it normal my friend thinks it's not possible to crush on two people at once?

I've crushed on two people at once before. It's not impossible. I'm also monogamous and wouldn't be able to handle doing stuff with more than one person so I'd only pick one to pursue and let the other crush eventually drop out of my mind.

What do you think?

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  • Totally normal.

    Different people are wired differently. There are some people that can only have one crush at a time. That's not most people.

    Have fun and enjoy life with your crushes...

    ps: it's also possible for some people to seriously love and have long term (as in many years) emotional supporting and romantic relationships with more than one person as well. That is what polyamorous people are (which is only a portion of the population - and not a majority of the population).

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  • A crush has nothing to do with love. It's basically just another word for attraction, paired with an interest in someone that is entirely based on shallow qualities. It's not real love so yes it's very possible.

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  • Why do polyamorous people exist then? I crush on multiple very specific people/things at the same time. And no I won't forget about any of them.

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  • Your friend is definitely wrong about not being able to have a crush on two people at once. The way that we view relationships nowadays is vastly different from how we viewed them hundreds of years ago. Simply put, monogamy is not in our DNA. Cavemen, though it's tricky to really pin down whether they were poly or monogamous, were most likely polyamorous. Or, they could've each been different.

    On that note, it's definitely normal to be attracted to two people at once, even if you'd rather be in a monogamous relationship. Your friend is just plain wrong. It's possible because attraction is basically a human instinct, and we can't prevent attraction based on our love style, because humans were never specifically made to be monogamous, a lot of us just choose to be.

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