Is it normal my ear rang loudly when i woke up

I woke up around 6 in the morning and my ear was ringing loudly. I sat up and the ringing got less loud when I sat up and then slowly started to disappear again. Ive never had this before and I dont know what it means? I went back to sleep after that and the next time I woke up to get out of bed there was no ringing.

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  • Pick a number 1-27 then figure out what letter it is in the alphabet. Then the first name that comes to mind. They’re talking shit.

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  • It's normal for us, my ears tend to ring, all the time, maybe it's the sound of your brain, when there's no noise my ears ring, sometimes making a folding sound, I have to live with noise all the time, I used to think everyone was like that, when I almost taste blood my ears make a higher sound, when outside's calm I can hear my ears, sometimes I feel deaf with the light sound of my ears, with you I didn't know it was a problem, I thought we should put up with it.

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