Is it normal my boyfriends sister asked him to move out with me and in with her

shes like 23 and hes 18 and she asked him to move out with her and in with him because shes "lonely" . i think its strange on top of the fact that she hates me & he never wants to show me any type of affection in front of her and when they go somewhere together ell usually not respond to me at all or tell me whats happening for hours even if we had plans . btw , weve been together a year and a half .

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  • She wants him around for safety, security, and, quite possibly, sex. Know you may not want to hear that, but, it's true. Her saying she's "lonely" also means needy and a desire to keep him from you, no matter how. If he's getting some from her, he won't need you, and, if they live together, she has the power.

    I'd ask him, hey..Are you having sex with her? Then you'll have your answer..

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  • Maybe there's someone better out there for you somewhere?

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  • She probably developed an unhealthy attraction to her brother, and her being his older sister, he may have too much respect for her to call her out on her craziness.

    Don't get upset with your boyfriend though. Having an emotionally abusive, controlling family member is difficult to deal with, because they're family, and we're taught to always love family no matter what. What you should do is calmly talk to your boyfriend about how his sister (don't call her insulting names) is making you feel, and how you feel he's being distant toward you when she's around. Also, don't assume why they're behaving this way, just focus on how you've been feeling lately.

    Now be prepared for a bunch of possible, "I don't know," "she doesn't hate you," or "Its not like that," just calmly push through it and avoid yelling.

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