Is it normal my boyfriend seems to piss parents off over these?

He's a teacher. He's got an effeminate voice, always wears pink, and doesn't believe religion should be taught in school. Conservative parents assume he's a gay liberal and whine about those things.

He doesn't believe in participation prizes and won't give a lazy student a prize just because a parent asks him to. He says they won't learn if he just gives them the rewards for doing nothing. He also doesn't believe sexuality should be taught in school. Liberal parents whine about him.

Is it normal? He says religion and sexuality are things people eventually figure out for themselves. What do you think?

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  • He seems like a ok guy from what you say. But if he already has a feminine voice maybe tell him to chill out on wearing the pink shirts. Just because the two together can be abit of overkill. Unfortunately everyone judges people based on appearance when they meet them even if its subconscious. I think with all the CRT and gender studies controversy going around conservative parents see him and make assumptions based on how he presents himself.

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  • Is your boyfriend Abraham Lincoln?

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