Is it normal my boss looks me up and down and especially at my stomach?

He's always had a habit of looking me up and down whenever I come over to his desk. He is a salesman, so I don't know if he does this to everyone to read them. Recently he's just been looking at my stomach. I have put on weight but I can't understand why he has to make a point of looking.
I've seen old pictures of him and he used to be huge but is now slim. He hands out chocolates at break and I accept, but usually I skip lunch. I think he's a foodie because he's always eating.

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  • Technically that’s harassment because he’s creating a hostile work environment by making you feel uncomfortable. You need to tell him to stop before it gets worse and then you’ll have to explain why you never said anything before.

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    • I didn't know it was harassment. I thought it might be him 'reading' me rather than leering. Which is why I'm asking.
      Also wondering if it's to check if I'm pregnant, because a while ago he told me not to get pregnant as he was annoyed when my coworker went on maternity leave and I'm the same age as her.
      He even asked if I have a boyfriend which I don't so I'm no risk.

      I wouldn't tell him to stop, I could make a joke though...

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      • Telling you not to get pregnant is also harassment because he's implying that he'll treat you the same way he did her which was descrimination. Federal law prohibits any typr of descrimination for pregnancy. You should start looking for a new job.

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