Is it normal most of the germophobes i've met are disgusting people?

Nearly every time I've met a self-proclaimed "germophobe" who freaked out over the most stupid shit such as someone touching a trash can, a relative's clean hand brushing against their fries while pulling everyone's meals out of a fast food bag, etc., the same person has always been a disgusting person, either having gross habits, poor housekeeping skills, or even poor hygiene.

Example #1 is a guy who showered maybe once a week, never wore deodorant, had disgusting farts and blamed them on his weekly shits that "fermented in his body" (and also were his only reasoning for showering, since he found wiping his ass too disgusting, but did I mention his idea of a shower was merely standing in the water without using soap or scrubbing anything?), had the greasiest hair I've ever seen (it looked wet from root to tip and smelled from a few feet away), and his stench would fill up an entire level of a house.

Example #2 is a woman who "preferred" to leave the toilet lid up and open for the world to see her disgusting shit-stained toilet she refused to clean (but of course, she had those stupid toothbrush covers that have holes in them and do absolutely no good as far as preventing germs from the toilet goes), she refused to clean anything even if it had mold growing on it, and she always had rotten food in her fridge. It was all out of laziness as well.

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  • Ewww :/

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  • The germaphobe person I knew was relatively clean, and hygienic, but she did neglect the dusting.

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  • They are disgusting as hell it was like they got raised as an animal.

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  • My comment is clean and hygienic. Look at it. Simply uncontaminated!

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  • Ive noticed that the very religious Christian ppl are usually the most disgusting ppl to be around when theyre eating. They smack, slurp, ding their plates around, and just annoy the hell out of you with their eating.
    They smack gum, and are so annoying. Black ppl eat disgustingly too. Idk about germ ppl tho.

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