Is it normal menstrual cup prolonged my cycle

So, i used an menstrual cup for the first time last month, and despite I hated it, I insisted on using this every days, my period, that always lasted six days in the last three years, lasted eight days.This month, I go back to use tampons, and my period came down two days earlier and lasted eight days again.
Is it normal? This can be something serious? My period will go back to normal???

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  • That has to be coincidence: the length of periods is a hormonal issue and don't see how a hormonal cup could affect your hormones any more than a tampon would.

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  • Using a specific device doesn't shorten or lengthen your period. Cycles can vary month to month even for the same person, and menstruation is hard to calculate. It's very likely that something in your life like diet or stress prolonged your period.

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  • The menstrual cup has nothing to do with changes in your period, hormonal, diet, stress among others is usually the culprit here. The cup is environmentally better but it’s up to the individual for using it or continuing with tampons, I found the cup wasn’t that good during exercise

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