Is it normal many men cant be single

Why is it that most men never leave a relationship before they have a new woman??
This is not a good tactic. You develop as a person by being single and knowing yourself. Maybe this is partially why men mature slower than women just saying.
I also think if someone move on super fast they are avoiding their pain. Often those guys who do end up returning to their ex as soon as their ex makes a single move at them, or they make a move on their own but still don't leave their new woman until they are sure their ex really want them back.
This is not good and can never make a better partner because you never spend time alone looking inwards and realizing your flaws (which everyone has) so you can work on it and stuff like that which in return make the risk bigger to keep ruining relationships. So why ?

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  • Wow over generalizing much?

    Guys can be scummy. But so can women.

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  • I think there are both men, and women who can't stand to be single, and alone. I'm happily single, but I know I'm not alone. I used to always have my beloved Siamese cat, Andrew, with me nearly all the time, but he unfortunately passed away from a heart attack on the night of October 20th 2021. I believe that although I may appear to be alone I am not, because I believe that God is with me in spirit as are the spirits of my loved ones, and especially my cat who passed.

    My elderly parents live next door to me, and I lived with them from Black Friday until just a few days ago. Grieving the loss of a loved one isn't the easiest thing, and now I find myself having to face the reality that I will someday have to lose my both of my elderly parents, as well as face my own mortality.

    You may be asking yourself what does this rant that RoseIsabella is going on about have to do with OP's initial query? Well, I don't think being single has to automatically be a bad thing, nor do I think that being single is automatically synonymous with being lonely. I think that people, both men, and women, who try to avoid being single at all costs are using other people as metaphorical security blankets, as well as doing themselves a disservice, because it is by being alone that one really gets to know one's self.

    The Ancient Greeks had many different words to describe love, so I think it's very helpful, and necessary for people to understand that the romantic love typically depicted in books, and movies is not the end all be all with regard to love. Do a Google search on the eight types of love, and you will see what I mean.

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    • Commiserations, commiserations. For some reason I haven't learned about the loss of your beloved Andrew up until today. I guess my absence on INN for the most part of the last two months is largely the reason why.

      "...I think that people, both men, and women, who try to avoid being single at all costs are using other people as metaphorical security blankets,..."

      I'm a seriously single individual and I couldn't agree more.

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  • There are both men and women like this. You're correct that it's important to not rely on another person for your happiness and to be able to be alone if needed (which is typically best between relationships rather than jumping straight from one to another; I feel as if most people who do that don't care so much about the quality of the relationships they get into as much as they care about just being in a relationship, and any relationship will do in their eyes, which isn't healthy).

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  • Both sexes are culpable of this vice in their numbers, it's just that their reasons for doing so differ slightly. The unifying factor? Being viewed negatively by society.

    Societal pressures are a bitch, innit?

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  • I think some men bored in their long term relationships take a lot of how their partner takes care of them for granted and over estimate how much sexual attention they would receive as a single man. Then when they leave the relationship and realise that finding causal sex is harder than it looks and miss the comfort their partner provided for them they are willing to settle for pretty much anyone to fill the girlfriend void. Then if the ex wants them back they go running, a typical example of “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.

    It’s also worth noting that this phenomenon isn’t exclusively male, women often “monkey vine” from one relationship to the next too. That’s typically less about comfort and more about defining her worth through relationships but that’s a topic for my next long comment.

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  • I think you'll find it's usually the women who find a new guy as soon as they're unhappy.

    This seems like projection, gaslighting and manipulation to me.

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  • Women often play like they're really innocent in this but women cheat just as much and play like they're so against jt

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    • Guys also mostly do it for sex. Women it's like 4d chess.

      Both are bad but we are so different even why we cheat is different.

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