Is it normal many body aches on one side of my body

Suddenly I get many body aches.
Yesterday evening my lower back right side start to hurt so much. When I wen to sleep couldnt sleep because lying down hurt so much.... I took aspirin and then I slept.
Tonight I get pain in my ribcage right side. It hurt much when I walk and move around. Its hard to explain strange kind of pain almost like burning but not really...its more a sudden shooting of pain very sudden that last a few icepick headaches but in the chest... It get worse now and backpain is back but much further up not my lower back this time but still on the right side... its weird twice my wrist on the right side has started cramping very much and my shoulder has gotten a few shooting pains. Since a week ago when I go to bed and I yawn I get very bad cramping in my right feels like when you strain yourself but you cant strain your shoulder from yawning...or can you???
Maybe some a problem with right side of my body...because speaking of icepick headaches ive had that right side of my head...three months ago I went to emergency room because for two days I had worst headache ive felt paired with occasional stabbing sensations in my right bad it would almost physically knock me over....I was in tears so I was taken to emergency room where all the nurses wanted CT scan for me but when doctor came he said "its migraine :)" and sent me home because I told him ive had visual aura in the past...
now also I have some stabbing in my right temple but only a bit much milder... I also had this summer 2020 thats when it started and some mornings I had a faint bruise on my temple like my temple was a bit blue

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  • You should see a doctor again if you are having that many problems.

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  • Get to a doc asap! It could be appendicitis.

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