Is it normal losing enamel on teeth any suggestions tried dentist no help

I brush I use peroxide.I don't floss because I spit up tons of blood and get sores in my mouth whenever I do.I use an expensive toothpaste especially for that which helped a little. I talked to the dentist and he said the only thing he can do is give me super expensive veneers which my insurance doesn't cover.

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  • Drop the peroxide. Get a gentler, 'non-whitening' version of whatever toothpaste you like, just don't brush too hard. Get some listerine and get into the habit of mouthwashing with it daily.

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  • You NEED to floss everyday! The fact that your gums bleed whenever you floss is proof that you aren't flossing enough. If don't already have gingivitis then not flossing is a great way to get it and end up losing teeth because of it.

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  • Try a natural teatree toothpaste and brush carefully but thoroughly morning and night paying attention to all areas. Be carefull of dentists. If flossing, be carefull not to push particles up into gums.

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