Is it normal lesbians dont like my fb pics?

Basically I have a trivial question-
I noticed on fb, a lot of people who aren't even that attractive receive a LOT of likes for a picture
I only get about 10 at most....yet I made ton of LGBT friends.

So like a lot of th really obese people get shit tons of likes.
I'm skinny and get not even 20 likes
Do they ostracize me out of insecurity?

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  • Arent you the bitch that always goes on an on about how men only care about looks and are horny for fit sluts, and now youre whining that women arent that way? You're probably basic as fuck, learn how to style your drab ass and get some social skills.

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    • Not me bro, dont know why you're so angry? Maybe take a chill pill or not comment at all.
      No I'm not basic af compared to th others. It's kinda easy to outshine the others no offense

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  • Maybe those lesbians prefer a chunkier build? Not everyone’s beauty standards are the same.

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  • You sound like the women at my job. They're like "why does SHE get more hours when I'm better looking?!"

    You can go on and on about how you're the better looking person, but chances are those plainer chicks most likely have something you don't. Probably more charisma, money, style, social skills, or influence. Some of those things are way more important than looks.

    Please try to focus on things in your life that actually matter, like saving money, buying a house, or paying off debt. Facebook isn't important at all.

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    • Thanku, yeah I'm going to start saving dosh...with having said that, if people actually get to know me I have good witt as my friends experienced

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