Is it normal it takes time for my trust for everyone to come slowly?

So I am at this point where I am slowly beginning to trust people and begin to talk.

However I feel like my trust for everyone takes time for me to actually give them my trust.

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  • The only person I can say I truly trust is my wife. She's always been there and she's had many chances to ditch me when something better was going on elsewhere but she stayed. I feel in debt to her because when I was a lowlife doing drugs everyday going to work twice a week she supported us financially and did alot. Now I earn enough so she doesnt have to work and it feels nice. Idk why she stayed she shouldnt have but she did so I try not to ever pull the "you dont even work" card.

    Meeting a good partner is important. Idk where I'd be if I didn't. Probably dead or in prison.

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  • Yeah. I take at least half a year to start trusting someone. In the beginning it's more about observing them and their intensions.

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  • Yes, very normal, and in my opinion, how it should be. Any time I trusted too soon when I was younger, it came back to bite me in the ass.

    Now, it takes me quite awhile to truly trust people, but it's worth it. The people who don't like the fact that I don't let them in super close right off the bat are usually the ones who are up to no good.

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  • You don't have to trust everyone. Trust is not something that you need to just automatically give people, trust is something people should earn.

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