Is it normal it drives me crazy that my coworker health issues

He works part time, and there are time when he STILL needs to leave work early to pick up medicine. I normally throw a “how many hours did you work this week” when he leaves. If you want a job, work it. If not, quit, get disability, and give it to someone who wants it. I just don’t like this guy, he has speech impediment and I like to make him feel insecure about it.

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  • And if he did sit on disability benefits pricks like you would constantly bitch on claiming he was an idle scrounger, fit for work & how he should get a job.

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  • So you're proud of yourself for being an asshole, huh?

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  • Empathy is obviously one of your strong points.

    You may want to believe that you'll never find yourself disabled or suffering from some chronic health problem, but the fact is that every one of us could be blindsided by life in the next five minutes. You may like to think you're invulnerable and you'll be healthy forever, but it's possible you could have a stroke or coronary before you finish reading the posts here. It's possible some idiot will broadside your car the next time you get behind the wheel and leave you with brain damage that causes a speech impediment. It's possible you'll wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly notice some weird symptom that turns out to be MS.

    It sounds like your co-worker is trying to be a productive member of society in spite of his health issues. It also sounds like you were born a dickhead.

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  • What the fuck business is it of yours to care when he picks up his medicine?

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  • He is working. Way better than collecting disability. Ease off the guy and thank your lucky stars YOU are not disabled.

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  • you dont own his job and you dont own your job, when you get fired you can look for some work.

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  • Yes let's make fun of the disabled oh and while ur at it put a blind person in the middle of the ocean and see which way they go

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  • Ease off the guy. At least he is working. Better than most that just go on disability...

    The only people I can't stand working less are smokers... "I need a smoke" and then the bastard fucks off for 10-15 minutes, at least 6 times a day. And they still use their 1 hour lunch break. And me? I get to sit in the office like an idiot, answering the phone, cause I'm a non-smoker.
    I started my own business and told anyone in the office smoking breaks are deducted from your regular breaks. I don't care what they think. Slackers!

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