Is it normal im tired of these typa friendships

Ive always enjoyed sporadic contact friendships and so have my friends but personally im getting tired ofit. If ya only gonna talk rarely then whats the point you could jst as well not have friends and im tired of me usually being the one to keep friendships afloat yeah my friends want the friendship too and theyre the same with other friends to the ones who have other friends becase they are also introverted bad at getting in touch because they forget or dont have the energy for talk etc but I feel more often I push myself for this than they do I dont wanna abandon them they are great people great friends but I just dont know I want this sporadic contact because whats the point of friends then its more almost like an acquitance but too personal for an acquitance at the same time.Still I know if someone wanna talk to me all the time it would annoy me,make me tired but it depend on how much I like them if I dont like them so much I wouldnt even be friends tho because I rather be alone than put up with someone

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  • What's the benefit of ending the friendships? You'll regret that. Just try to make some other friends as well.

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    • No I sont want that to end them

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