Is it normal im so stressed over this?

Yes, I wrote of this in another post. So this idiot at work is pretending we are dating, lying about it, trying take pics that look suggestive to show to their partner and constantly flirting and touchy. Along with harassing me about the fact I have high standing with higher ups. I left a area when a few of us coworkers where hanging out after work chatting and they were being aggravating. Now they keep trying to speak with me and act like they did nothing wrong when I clearly stated we are not together and that I'd never date them. They insisted it's because the color of their skin and I said I already had interest in someone else from work which is true. I just warned them not to speak with me anylonger or I'm going to HR. I don't understand how they are too dumb to figure out they are being creepy. How do I get this issue off my mind because it's becoming disruptive.

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  • YEA, 👏 what Rose said. She pretty well summed it up how I would have got here first. But she beat me to it. Someday I wonder if she would beat me if I ask real nice. Lol. But yes, your supervisor and HE DO NOT want you going to higher ups saying they failed to take action in your situation. You are NOT IN THE WRONG AT ALL. Do not be afraid to talk with the supervisor and HR. They will rather solve your issue and kick them bone heads out of the playground. Good luck. Do it as soon as possible. Oh, and just in case for future keep copies of all that stuff for yourself. If one of them jackass tried finding where you live and IF IN CASE you have to call police. Just be on safe side. Hell, if I was in your town I would be glad to help you out. I haven't really kicked anyone's ass in about 6-7 years. That was my cousin.

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    • We all live in the same spot.

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  • Yes, it's normal to be so stressed out, because a disgusting creep to whom you are not attracted is sexually harassing you. Race shouldn't have a part in any of this! It doesn't matter what race you are or what race your harasser is, all that matters is that you want to be left alone, and that this scumbag is not leaving you alone!

    Please take the initiative and put all of this in writing. Keep track of every encounter you have with this piece of human garbage, write it down and put it in a memo, a hard copy as well as an email. Give one to your supervisor and turn the other one in to Human Resources. Do this as soon as possible!

    Please know that you in my thoughts and prayers!

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