Is it normal im like this when i sleep away

I hate sleeping away from home and ive noticed I have different rituals when I do. I always listen to only music that is nostalgic to me when I sleep somewhere else instead of my favorite music nowadays and I dont eat much if anything. I have thought about this and I think its probably because the old music I grew up with makes me feel safe and brings a feeling of comfort. I dont eat because I lose my appetite. I guess its because im so anxious being away from home. When I was a kid I couldnt eat anywhere but at home, now I can but I lose my hunger and only eat because I need to. Today ive had nothing except 2 sandwiches with butter. At night I feel very bad like im in the ocean just trying to stay above the surface. I wonder if I will ever handle sleeping away from home normally. At least it doesnt give me panic attacks like it did when I was small.

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  • i was scared of sleepin elsewhere than my home as a kid

    now i spend half my life away from home

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  • That's very normal. I hate staying people's houses, even to go visit my mother. Everyone lives different. She gets up @ 5 AM to read the Bible and turns on religious tv so loud who could sleep. And my wife wants to visit her family and stay ay their house which I did once. They had like 4 cats and I can't stand cats.

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