Is it normal ifeel like im racist now

Somewhat recently me and my ex broke up. It was rather abrupt. Not really even sure why.

But not long after i found out from his friends that he started doin drugs and being a hoe.
Accidently and unknowingly, i met one of the girls hes been in and out of. We were almost friends until the topic of my sons dad came up and i told her his name. She changed from normal white to like .. Ghostly white. Like paper! Never seen that before.. Found out she was one of several hos hed gone though in the last month.

Ever since, i basically stopped talking to everyone but my family.
Id recently met a girl i used to work with who was white and cudnt even look at her! ):

I dont know why im being this way. I live in a 99% white city. The only ppl who also arent white are the chinese ppl in the chinese restaurant .

But i find myself unable to speak to anyone white who isnt 40 and older. Literally unable to speak. I just chuckle and putmy head down like im lookin in my purse for something . I think im racist now. Is that possible/ normal?

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  • I don't think you're necessarily racist, but as Tealights said you're associating white females with the women your ex betrayed you with. I personally think you ought to challenge your beliefs and get to know more white females and other females your age of different races. Try to meet "safe" females in healthy environments like (and this may sound cliché) church or a book club or the gym or whatever. Try to get to know other women better before you consider them more than acquaintances. Find out what someone's morals and values are before you give her your friendship. Don't befriend skanky/easy chicks if you're not comfortable with them.

    I personally don't think there's anything wrong with being judgemental in a discerning sense, just don't judge a whole race of women based in a few nasty skanks. How would you like it if someone did that to you, huh?

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  • You're not racist. You're just associating young white women with your ex's betrayal.

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  • I assume you are black. Yes it's normal for black people to be racist.

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  • Sounds like you're in shock/ wanting seclusion to get away from your ex and the issues he caused. Trying to hide from white people doesn't mean you're racist. Perhaps it's your way of coping and not feeling negative about every other young girl around you. I suppose it's better than being mean towards them...

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  • you could always move to africa and avoid all white people .

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