Is it normal if i think that asking a girl out can be offensive?

Let me try to keep it short. I have got no experience at all. 23 year old guy here. Only recently did I manage to convince myself to give dating a serious try.

I usually keep my feelings to myself. Basically suppressing them. I am not flirty at all, or maybe at least 99% of the time. I don't even know how to be so.

I plan to keep it simple. Nothing wild. Despite that, I still think that a girl will be weirded out or offended by being asked out. Is it normal if I think that way? Or is it normal to ask a girl out without sending her any prior signal?

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  • In my dating days I would usually tell them we should hangout sometime or ask her to come get something to eat with me. Even if she dont know its a date thats ok. Just get her hanging out with you somewhere and try to build from there. Don't get so caught up in the word "date"

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  • Yeah, but you'll never know unless you try. Just be polite, and respectful. Try not to take it personal when you get rejected.

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  • An adult woman would not get offended. Women have needs too.

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  • It depends on the environment. Some people dont like being approached at the grocery store or any shops, some do. Some want to be hit on at the gym, some dont. Try to catch the vibe and act appropriately. Good luck!

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  • Don’t know, I always test drive something before buying.

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  • Fuck it bro.. just ask all they can say is yes or no

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