Is it normal i worship garfield?

Does anyone else accept Garfield the cat as their lord and savior?

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  • You can worship your false god if you like but I worship shrek, the one true ogrelord

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  • All hail are mighty lord and saviour garfield.

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  • All hail the magic lasagna eating orange cat! Ooloolooloolooo!!

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  • I like the comics. I used to read them while taking bubblebaths and I watched the show growing up. Lorenzo Music had a perfect voice for the cartoon.

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  • You mean Heathcliff.

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  • Well, he is a cat isn't he? However, it's important that you understand that he's only a cartoons cat. I advise you to get a real orange tabby, and worship him!

    By the way today is my Siamese cat's birthday he just turned 11 years old! Did I mention that he is the light of my life. My cat is a precious gift God himself, he is a furry angel of the highest order!

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