Is it normal i worry i don’t look sad enough at funerals

I have issues with my emotions, I believe I have some form of autism.

As a child I would cry about anything sad, I was teased for being so emotional. So I’ve done everything I can do to hide my sadness as an adult.

The drawback is that I haven’t been able to cry for years. My family has had a rough start to the year with several unexpected deaths. During the funerals everyone around me was crying while I was there looking unaffected. It’s like I lost the ability to cry.

I wish I could fix this somehow but emotions aren’t something you can fix easily.

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  • i saw a friend i hadnt seen in years at a funeral once and said hi with jubilation and everyone scowled

    i still think bout that shatterin of the social compact and say ole lou whos funeral we were attendin woulda liked it

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  • Pretty confident you don't have autism, emotions are just like that.

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  • Our culture expects us to be sad at death but many cultures believe that death is a gateway to another level and should be celebrated. I think it's healthier.

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  • I'm autistic and I'm a complete cry baby. I cry when I'm really happy, sad, or angry.
    I did cry at my nan's funeral but I was more worried about people seeing me cry, and trying to hold it in, cause I didn't want to start bawling my eyes out when everyone else was there.
    An embarrassing example of this happened last year when I went to this concert at the local church with this singer who lives on my street. I got the chance to talk to him at the end of the show and I told him this one song which he wrote for his grandma reminded me of my own grandma who passed and I literally started tearing up and I had to excuse myself. I still sometimes see him and say hi.
    But also a different problem I have is sometimes I laugh or smile a nervous smile at inappropriate times, such as when I think I'll be in trouble or something. So yeah I have trouble regulating my emotions.

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