Is it normal i wish alice in wonderland was done like this?

I’m referring to the 1951 Disney version. I’m a big fan of the voice actress for Alice, Kathryn Beaumont. You can find live action clips of her on YouTube. Watching them, it makes me wish they had done the movie like Who Framed Roger Rabbit:having Kathryn act live action around animation.

Now you’re probably thinking “well they probably couldn’t have done it back then, they didn’t have the technology!” But I’d like to point you in the direction of Song of the South, another Disney movie that came out a few years earlier, which had scenes of live action actors interacting with animation! (Although that movie has its fair share of controversy but let’s put that aside for now, okay?)

Maybe it would’ve been harder to do an entire movie like that back then, but as technology advances I think it may be possible to make an edit of the movie like I described, but for now I can only dream!

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  • Song of the South was the first movie my parents took me to see in the movie theater as a baby. The first movie my father saw in the theater is the same as the first movie my sister saw in the theater, Fantasia!

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  • Neat

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