Is it normal i want to try hard drugs(meth cocaine and heroin)

I was abused by my controlling father and neglected by my mother in my childhood. I was bullied throughout my childhood and adolescence, and as a result I lost all my confidence and lack self assertiveness. I have read that these hard drugs make you feel confident, make you feel invincible, and impart a sense of euphoria,
I am after these effects of the hard drugs. I don't do any drugs currently and illicit drugs are extremely hard to find where I live. It has reached to this point that I am thinking about reading chemistry books and synthsize these drugs myself(so that they are pure and free from impurities as street drugs are). I am well aware of the dangers of the hard drugs.
So what do u think?

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  • You think being bullied and abused is bad? It aint nothing compared to what these drugs do. But you go do them drugs and come back and talk with me in about 10 years. You will be like dammmmmm, I didn't know shit could get so bad.

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  • You’re better off earning some confidence without the help of something that will fuck your life up.

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  • Man addiction can honestly suck worse than what happened to you. There's no easy fix, you need to take the long hard road to recovery. My drinking problem was way more painful than all the bullying experienced growing up

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  • Yeah, you’ll feel better in the short term... until all those things fuck up your life. I’d stick to pot in moderation and the occasional hallucinogens.

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  • Yet when you stop using these drugs, it's forever hell. So either you wanna ride til the end with them or not do them. Your choice

    Btw bad choice to start with those hard drugs. If you want something to calm you down and make you chill, i'd go with benzos or prescription opioids. If you want uppers for confidence, speed

    Lastly, good luck synthesizing them. Not only is it usually a long, complicated task, but the ingredients are often more difficult to find than the drugs themselves

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  • Go for it. Let natural selection do it's work.

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