Is it normal i want to be a mentor figure for people some day?

I’ve always had an affection for mentor figures in stories, whether it be Merlin or Gandalf or Yoda or Dumbledore or somebody like that, I just always thought it’d be cool to grow into that old man who everyone looks to for guidance and gives inspiration to those who need it.

Of course, I will need some life experience before I can get to that level, although I do try to give advice if I think it can be helpful.

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  • Yes you can. Learning to mentor is nothing more than learning how to assist people to do better. I do a lot of that.

    Yes, you need some life experience in certain things (and you will be able to assist people in ares where you have overcome your own personal issues).

    But, even in general you can do a lot more. You can learn from the life experiences of others mainly by reading books.

    Books on positive mental attitude, how to effectively communicate, how the brain works, biographies about successful people, etc.

    Below is a basic set of books, and virtually every highly successful person I know have read all of them.

    How To Win Friends & Influence People: Dale Carnegie - but get the updated: How To Win Friends & Influence People In the Digital Age"

    Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude: Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone.

    Psycho-Cybernetics: Maxwell Maltz

    The 5 Love Languages: Gary Chapman

    The Compound Effect: Darren Hardy

    There are several good books on Emotional Intelligence, I like: Emotional Intelligence: Daniel Goleman

    The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People: Stephen R Covey.

    There are many other books as well (and some dynamite recent ones); but, those provide a solid base to build from and an understanding of them provide a base for much of the other books. Don't just read these books once - go back and reread and study them time and time again over the years...

    So, yes you can become a mentor... Start learning base knowledge and once you know more than another person and develop your communication skills - you can start doing that (and all mentors start out as a beginner assisting others in small ways).

    I wish you well with this,

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    • Thank you so much!!!

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      • Your welcome.

        If perhaps you are in or near Wisconsin feel free to figure out how to PM me and we can get together, and I can show you a few ropes (so to say).

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  • Dude what you need to be is a garden hermit.

    So back in the 15th-18th century it was popular to have a hermit live on the edges of your estate so they may entertain guests as well as provide minor benefits to the estate as a whole.

    You would be encouraged to permanently stay on the property and wear druid attire/ other equally as superstitious attire.

    It's not a job anymore been about 190 years since someone was one.

    So like Hagrid. Not as cool as Dumbledore but arguably just as wise.

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  • When you get old you'd wish you could be young again.

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  • I believe you can.

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