Is it normal i want neglect

I am 35, have cerebral palsy so I live in a care home. This care home is very good, has never been closed and, while obviously not an ideal situation if a relative needed to find one to live in I would recommend it. My family visit every week .
I'm constantly thirsty, always overheated, need the toilet every time i've eaten, get lost, pee in a bag and am useless with cash. I get prompt help with all of these. I've also stayed in places where I haven't.

Every time I think of a nurse threatening me, denying me help with all these things, being very abusive to me just for existing, taking the pee out of my voice, etc (it's a bit strained, I have to repeat certain things). my legs go all light and tingle and I totally relax.
It has to be a tattooed, pierced man, though, possibly in a black hoodie. I've a friend who fits this exact description.
He looks as if he should work where I live rather than live there and has been mistaken for a nurse more than once. He lives in the supported living flats and says if he did work at the facility he'd do all this. My legs go nothingy every time he says it.

I even asked Cortana the windows 10 assistant to threaten me in a male voice once. It didn't understand.
Said friend is leaving the home soon. When someone leaves, they tend not to visit so I'll be unlikely to see him.
I do wonder if this thing we both do is some type of fetish, and what I shall do when he does finally leave.

Will it go??

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