Is it normal i understand future science

I know in the future we will be just images, humanity will not need bodies, the essence of our being will be way more than somtheing so surreal.

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  • Nope. The mission of future science is to genetically engineer proto-cells to live under the extreme conditions of other planets and moons. Humans have evolved to now become the gardeners of the Galaxy, the engineers of panspermia to the stars.

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  • Unfortunately I doubt humanity will ever get to that point. If climate change doesn't kill us there's a neat little paradox called Fermes Paradox that essentially asks 'Hey, why can't we see aliens in space?' Apparently hundreds of thousands of planets should be able to support life and if only a thousand of those had beings capable of universal travel, we should be able to see them.
    It's theorised that there's barriers on the way to progressing into a 'civilised society'. Firstly, the existence of a single cellular organism, then the evolution to a multi cellular organism, next it's evolving into land based animals, evolving to think as humans do, inventing tools and coming all the way to inventing technology. Each barrier is more difficult to pass than the last one and, if Fermes Paradox is real, then space travel will be the most difficult hurdle to pass and we'll die.
    Of course there's also the chance that we're alone in the universe but I doubt it. Living as images probably wouldn't be a thing simply because it wouldn't benefit us at all.
    Looking at that kind of future from any angle is absurd. In a business sense no one would make money and renowned CEOs couldn't sell us anything. As images we wouldn't be able to enjoy the world around us and we'd go mad very quickly.
    I assume the world would be run automatically by robots but then if something goes wrong there'd be no one to fix it. You've just watched to many Sci fi movies.

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  • how do you know that humanity exist right now ? you could be a simulation construct of images already.

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  • Fuck who is this geek? Isn't your 10th time posting the same shitty question... anyway you are wrong & I think this vision of yours is from a short movie "world of tommorow"

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  • Thats incorrect.

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