Is it normal i think there should be national parks where people are banned?

I don't believe that people are at all compatible with wild species, especially wild animals.

Where I live I see wild animals, like squirrels, struggling to live a natural life in their NATIVE habitat, which has been taken over by people.

It pisses me off how animals are forced to live among completely unnatural human bullshit, like busy roads, trains, concrete parking lots, those stupid fucking neon orange lights at night time (light pollution), etc. Even grass lawns aren't natural.

Wild species deserve better than this. So that is why I think that there should be large areas of land made into national parks where people are not allowed to go - no paths, no roads, no nothing except native, natural habitats and the wild species that belong there. The only people who could go there would be occasional scientists to take data on the area.

No, I don't know exactly how this idea would be implemented in reality... probably by the government (which I don't support large government, but on this topic I support government intervention).

Disclaimer: Yes, I know I am a person too, and so I am part of the problem, but I still think the parks would be a great idea... so there would be a few truly natural land areas on this planet that wouldn't be invaded and ruined by humanity.

IIN? My question is not about the practicality of this idea, but more about the general principles behind it.

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  • I think there's room for all.
    Folks do need to start using birth control though.
    If you can't feed them don't breed them
    It's a bumper sticker.
    But, true.
    I'm all for population control.
    There can be areas for animals only, but don't get carried away.
    People like nature too.
    But it should not include a fee area.
    This crap I cannot abide.
    Day use fees, as if the govt made nature.

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  • That is an excellent idea, that should be implemented... Only trouble is, conservatives will mess it up like they do with anything involving the environment or animals.

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  • U must be a vegan

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