Is it normal i think there is a ghost in my room?

I went to bed early cause I was sick and work gave us a five day week because the holidays. So they came back from visiting family at 1040pm I went to bed at 600pm. It took me awhile to get back to sleep and I slept without a cover. I heard my sheets moving like something was on the bed. Then I felt something to start stroking my hair. Then everything then went quiet. I had other weird stuff happen like drawers open and close randomly on their own. The presence not done anything vicious though.

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  • Yes. You probably have a presence in your room. The fact it touched you though is alarming. If it’s bold enough to physically touch you then it could become more violent. People have been raped by spirits before. Try to get rid of anything that you think could have a connection to spirits. (Magic books, tarot cards, unknown symbols, etc)

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    • There was a presense. The behavior progressively got worse. Me and my roommate helped everything trapped in the building pass on. The area has become dead quiet. I finally slept a full night and hadn't in 6 nights.

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  • I think you are experiencing a person that is messed up in the head using some sort of black magic on you. The same thing happens to me.

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  • I believe you! And it is possible that there could be a ghost or a spirit inside your house, and they haven't done anything vicious to you because they know that you haven't done anything to make them angry. I used to live in a house as a child that used to be a swamp many years before the house was built and I still hear stories till this day about the house from my parents saying that people have died in the house and my family especially my older brother who would get spiritually attacked and it made them angry because he tried to get rid of them by reading a bible. And there was also a battle field just crossing the road in front of the house (which is now a park) Only a few people could see Ghosts and my sister was one of those people, she also had seen some man body figure creature with hair late at night spinning his head shaking the bed which frightened her for awhile. In our new house we were followed and some of us get sleep paralysis, see orbs, sometimes we see things moving such as tea towels swaying on the kitchen stove rail. The area where we live now is also found out that is was battlefield too and locals have said that they have seen ghosts walking and even one lady was getting really sick after she got a bit too close to one and has spoken to the spirit and told it that she didn't want any trouble and that she came in peace and something else that made it leave her alone.

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