Is it normal i think my father is a hypocrite?

So if I'm ever in pain but it's my fault I'm in pain (ate some bad food, broke a bone from free running) my dad won't be sympathetic. I've grown to be ok with this because it makes sense but lately he's been bitching about his life and I'm not sympathetic.
So he's always yelling that he deals with the children, does the washing, cooks dinner and does everything when, in reality, that's a gross understatement. Yeah, he looks after the kids (gets up early as fuck, deals with their whining etc) but I help out with cleaning nappies and I basically clean the house top to bottom every day as an unpaid chore. I'm ok with this so I don't bitch. My dad gets woken up early and he whines about it all day.
I feel it's hypocritical because this is self inflicted. Yeah, he has to get up early but if he never fucked my mam the problem wouldn't exist.
Also, he tells me to get up early when there's nothing to fucking do. He's not a bad guy but the fact that he expects sympathy from the pain the younger kids give him (offspring HE created) when he won't show it himself is annoying.

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  • he gets to raise his kids his way , you get to raise your your way . thats called fairness. what i see here is your dislike for reality. if i sound like your dad its because i have had more time to consider right and wrong than you have had.

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    • Thank you, this helps.

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  • I had the exact same type of father. He is a toxic person. Not normal. Minimise the contact with him and when you can move out then do it.

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    • I Sure I think he's a hypocrite in that one aspect but:
      A) He's still my father and
      B) he's alright most of the time.

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