Is it normal i think censored beeps are more funny than actual swear words

Example: in the play The Book Of Mormon, there’s a scene where the main character is singing the song “I believe,” and he barges in and tries to convert a group of Africans, and at one point one of them says “what the **** is this!?”

Now, the version I watched bleeped it out, and I really don’t think it would have been as funny just to hear him say the actual word. I really don’t know why, but it just is.

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  • It depends on the situation to me. Sometimes the bleeps are funnier. Sometimes they just sound weird.

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  • Yeah, I've watched stuff with the beeps, and then watched the uncensored version and it just sounded crude. I don't care about swearing at all, but it just sounded weird to hear them swear then.

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  • It's only funny to me in a show where people don't normally swear, or if they just throw in random sound effects like they did on aqua teen hunger force.

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  • I totally get it. When I was younger and I thought swearing was a horrible sin I thought beeps were hilarous.

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