Is it normal i that i regularly tell my friends (male and female) that i love them?

I almost always say it when I see them in person and in messages I often sign off with “Love, [my name]”

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  • For some people its totally normal.

    In my opinion, it shows you have a positive attitude at least about certain aspects of life.... Good for you...

    Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with having a general love for people in general and mankind (or presonkind, if you prefer).

    Have a great life, and go fourth and prosper,

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  • Sure.

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  • Normal. I do it, too!

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  • Sounds normal enough. Though I do know some people that get offended by it, so be careful who you say it to.

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  • if ur a girl that seems normal but if u were a guy always telling men you loved them ppl would think ur kinda funny

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  • Some people have very close friends who they platonically love, it’s normal.

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