Is it normal i started smoking black and milds to destress?

I recently moved to a new city. Its very different from my and recently a lot of people left my other office and moved out. I moved to a different office they got better jobs. I have been very stressed as I no longer have a support system. I have stopped sleeping and only been getting 3 hours a night. The bars here kind of suck and cut you off after 3 drinks which sucks cuase I need a lot to feel anything and I drink primararly to relax. So I started black and milds as they smell nice and one of my old freinds use to smoke cigars and I find the scent of clean tabacco heavingly.

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  • Sorry for the shit town you moved to.
    Black n milds are pretty sweet.
    That said, smoking is still bad.
    Relocate when you can.
    3 drinks?
    That's not even funny.

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  • I’ve thought about smoking to distress. I need it

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  • Pre-gaming is real. And more real for you. As long as they're wood tip, you're good.

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    • What is a wood tip about?

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      • Black n Milds have plastic or wood tips. It's the part you put your mouth on. They come in different flavors like creme and apple. But jazz and wine are tha tits!

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