Is it normal I sometimes wonder if I died and went to "Hell"?

I don't actually think it happened, but sometimes the thought crosses my mind.

In 2012, I thought I was dead and in Hell. Yikes! Anyway, it was really weird because it came on so suddenly and it's so crazy how sure I was that I was dead. I was also in a lot of pain, but I think that's because I had an eating disorder at the time, and the malnutrition was really messing with my body. Eventually, I stopped thinking I was dead.

Sometimes though, I wonder if I really did die and go to Hell. My anxiety IS really bad, and I don't feel quite right. I know it's crazy, but I can't help but wonder if I am dead.

These kind of thoughts no longer have the effect on me that they had in 2012. In 2012, I was horrified. But now it's just like "hmm, it's possible."

I do go to therapy and I am planning on discussing this with the therapist.

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  • Everybody thinks about it sometimes.
    Personally I just hate the concept of Hell because it was created to scare people into religion. It was developed to aggravate feelings of anxiety and fear, so it makes sense that it happened to you.
    Just try not to let it get to you.

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  • You should definitely discuss this with your therapist.

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  • Well you're in luck, because there is no hell :D

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  • or maybe you might have the belief that this life is hell. Since there's pain and suffering and there is an afterlife that is no longer help and is only happiness and joy

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  • I don't believe in God or anything so just listen to this hell does not make sense. The Bible says God loves everyone and he died for all sins. so technically there is no way for anyone to go to hell. So is there one at all?

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  • There has to be a "hell" for you to actually go there
    When you're dead.. YOU'RE DEAD.
    No afterlife no nothing

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  • It could just be part of your anxiety. Kind a way for your brain to find something else to worry about. Sometimes anxiety itself can bring about strange feelings of unreality.

    It's worth mentioning it to your therapist just to put your mind at ease. Crazy people are the ones who don't ever worry about their thoughts being normal or abnormal.

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    • I would consider myself a crazy person, honestly. Like if you spend a day with me, you will know I am crazy.

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  • Sounds like you have been through a really bad time and felt like hell. But your alive as I've read your post if you don't believe me dip your toe in freezing cold water and that should prove it. Your not alone I had similar thoughts​ and feelings

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    • These thoughts don't really freak me out like they used to. I just think it's POSSIBLE I died and went to Hell. I am not saying I actually think it happened. In 2012, I actually believed it happened. Like I am not even exaggerating. I literally, honestly, truly believed that I was dead and in Hell. Even though I had wifi and food.

      I am probably not in Hell. I think it's pretty unlikely. But I think it's possible. If Hell is a place where you are in pain but you can also get Chipotle, then it's very possible I am in Hell. No way to really prove it otherwise, right?

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