Is it normal i shower at the pool to save money

I live in a private condo in Singapore. Unlike those HDB scrubs, we condo owners have a common pool.

I don’t use the pool, but I frequent the shower to save some dime. People often give me the weird look, but I don’t give a damn as long as I save on my water bill.


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  • I mean, if you take incredibly long (and I mean at least an hour's worth of water) shower every day then sure. It's just doesn't seem logical. Maybe Singapore's water bill prices are higher than our own though.

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  • Meh, do what you gotta do.

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  • Go on, admit it: this isn't _really_ about saving a few cents. The real reason you go to all the hassle of showering at the pool is because you like looking at naked men.

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  • Not really.

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  • I definitely thought you were gonna say you shower IN the pool. Showering im the shower at the pool is unconvienent and not normal. You can probably tell its not normal or else the showers would be full often.

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  • How expensive can a shower be? Its like 80 cents a shower at the most

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