Is it normal i seem to be unsable to become addicted to things?

I smoke occasionally but am not addicted. In fact most cigs and tabacco products do basically nothing. I tried black and mild which make me sleepy so I sometimes smoke when I'm stressed to relax or before bed. However those are slowly becoming to weak and so now are becoming worthless. I also use to drink often but decided one day I wanted to be healthy and quiet cold turkey. Even if they have an effect on me I don't need them. When I was drinking before I only drank hard stuff because I felt nothing drinking beer. So I drink either whiskey shots or a whole bottle of wine at a time. I'm a little perplexed. There's so many people addicted but these things do basically nothing for me. Why am I not addicted to anything? Is it possible I have a high immunity?

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  • Depends on the drugs, dude. I was addicted to MDXX substances and benzos for years, but I could smoke when I wanted and then leave it when I didn't, and I've never become an alchy. I knew a guy who smoked a couple hundreds quid worth of crack and then just left it.

    Maybe you're great with intoxicants? Have you tried any drugs?

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  • Yeah good for you on not being a drug addled low life 24/7.

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  • Tolerance chief

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  • Some people dont get withdrawals as bad as others. I can easily stop the drinking, the cocaine, the prozac but when I try to quit taking the opioids im sick af. I feel like I have the flu but with more body aches. I feel like mentally im not addicted but physically.

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  • I have a relatively non-addictive personality with regard to substances, but it's not something I'm trying to test out either.

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  • try crack

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