Is it normal i scare myself when i’m trying to sleep?

Usually late at night I end up thinking of some creepy shit or whatever that I might have seen before or just something that scares me, and I get so freaked out that I can’t even try to sleep

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  • When I’m scared I just remind myself that there are people in the world facing much scarier situations and doing much braver things than any pathetic little problem I could have in my life.

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  • Happens to me sometimes, for some reason, lately, I haven't been really scared near the time of my sleep hours, if I have a genuine problem about something in my life, It may delay me from falling asleep, other then that, if it's just a picture I saw that scared me, I just focus on something else, like talking to my future soul mate about things that interest me.

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  • Do you listen to creepy pastas on YouTube?

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