Is it normal i regret never having met sir christopher lee?

I’m a massive Lord of the Rings fan and I got to meet Elijah Wood at comic con, which in turn got me thinking about meeting other cast members. But it also made me feel bad that I’ll never get the chance to meet Sir Christopher Lee in particular, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 93.

In addition to being an actor he also lived a very long and interesting life and I genuinely feel sad that I never got to interact with him even once!

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  • He also did heavy metal music which is just badass

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  • When he was a kid he met JRR Tolkein I believe and he wanted to play a character from LotR ever since. He was arguably the most knowledgeable on the books out of everyone on set. And since he was a fricking spy like James Bond he even told Peter Jackson "when you get stabbed in the back you make a small gasping noise; don't ask me how I know"

    He's got lots of interviews on YouTube where he talks about his life. There's one he goes through all his memorabilia from movies, he pulls out a sword and says he used to be such and such and more. He looks like a man who really enjoyed his life

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  • Yes it's normal to feel no regrets in meeting a deceased person before they died.

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