Is it normal i rather date someone i know

I no longer want to date new people.
I would take back anyone i've dated if they wanted to, except my narcissistic first boyfriend of course, simply because I already know them. It's possible I would even date the 1 out of my male friends whom my mom has been trying to make me date for years and who has always had a crush on and kept asking me out. The reason nothing ever happens for us though is he's so annoyingly insecure. Plus he watches cartoons and is naive to a very extreme point for a man who is pushing 30, and basically i'm only attracted to intellectual handymen. Luckily that friend of mine is in a long distance relationship since a year back so he's off my back about dating for now. If he got single though I would give him a chance since I know him already so its easier that way, he'd also be easy to deal with since he is the way he is. I wouldnt have to work so much on my so called "need for control" with that guy. Buuut i've told him we can date in the past and then i've forgotten to talk to him. That's life.
Just like I forget to water my least favorite plants, but they are alive and well still because eventually I remember... And they sip it up everytime, those suckers... Yeeeep. Sometimes I wish they'd die on me so I could replace them with nicer plants without feeling bad.... Stubborn little greenlets....Living...

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  • it's called being demisexual

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  • That's why I have found the old rules I grew up with to be the best. Friendship first.

    If you really enjoy each others company and activities together... for at least several months. Then depending on the person it may well be a suitable partner to date.

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  • Intellectual handymen? 🤣

    Sorry, but that phrase just brings to mind some douchebag who goes around bragging about how smart he thinks he is. I mean... damn, that's a very specific sort of dude.

    Do you have any automatic dealbreakers for the dude's you date? I think you should put usage of crack cocaine, and crystal-meth as automatic dealbreakers.

    I also think that you need to familiarize yourself with with the traits of NPD, and with redflags of a narcissistic abuse. There are a lot lot of videos online about this stuf.

    If it's any consolation I've pretty much lost all interest in dating since I left my crazy ex almost four years ago. I wish you all the best for your continuing recover! It's a proces, believe me.

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