Is it normal i quite like the 'fresh-cut butcher's meat' scent

... that my menses and underparts smell of, when I'm on my period? I use a cup and shower daily so the stuff never rests 'in situ' long enough to go gross (except if the cup leaks 🤪. But even then it dries fast enough not to get unhygienic).

It's the smell of vitality, health and love to me. Messy, bloody love, that comes from the most intimate part of you and stains whatever it touches a bright red that will never come out unless you catch it IMMEDIATELY.

The thought sometimes crosses my mind: 'How much blood does a pinprick-sized egg even need?? At this rate, any embryo wanting to find its nest in me must have the equivalent of a 5-star hotel waiting for it.' What a waste if I never end up having kids.

So, the question stands: is it normal to like the smell of fresh menses?

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