Is it normal i pretend my dog has a voice and a particular character?

She’s a Beagle so she talks in a British accent (the best I can do.) She often tells me she wants some lamb brisket for dinner or beans on toast for breakfast, followed by a very courteous please.

She’s a very bright Brit. She loves playing the piano and often wins her recitals. She loves asking me questions about the world as she is a very observant dog.

But her main interest is the hunt. She longs spending the hot summer afternoon trying to capture rabbits.

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  • I think most of us do that, in fun, and to show love for the four-legged friends. Create a voice or conversation between the two of you.

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  • I once saw a video of a rabbit humping a beagle. I have also personally known two people whose beagles were attracted by pit bulls.

    Beagles are sweet and all that, but they always strike me as rather soft tempered and vulnerable little dogs. I babysat a Beagle once, and she was sweet, kept having accidents on the carpet, and my cat knew more basic dog obedience than her. The only thing she really knew how to do, and did very well was to beg. OMG! Now that dog was just a walking nose and tummy. She could inhale food like nobody's business.

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    • That poor beagle was violated!

      They can be very soft tempered creatures. For sure their bark is bigger than their bite.

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  • Beagles are cool. Had a very kind beagle named Rainbow growing up. Such a nice dog. One of the best dogs ever.

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  • And my mom does the same thing with my dog. One time when I was in the shower she held my dog in front of me and made her say "Mom, when are you gonna come out?"

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  • I saw that in a YouTube video where a dog was protecting a baby when he heard the vacuum cleaner. He walked over to the owner and the owner made the dog say "Is she alright?" then the owner said "She's alright."

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  • I have a Rather dog. It would rather shit in the house than outside.

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  • You need to get out more!

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  • Crazy. I have a Brittany that speaks with a French accent and plays the cello.

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