Is it normal i often think about this moment?

Okay, be prepared for a very insignificant story but one that occupies my thoughts for whatever reason.

When I was a preteen I loved horror. I was a big fan of James Rolfe (better known as The Angry Video Game Nerd), and through his monster madness series I learned more about the history of horror and classics within the genre. Through his review of the movie The Screaming Skull I learned about a collection of 50 horror movies.

Later, when me and my mom were at target, she came across that very same collection. She listed names she read on it that I learned from James like Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, and she said that it was probably expensive but then found it was only $10! She asked me if I wanted to get it to see how cheesy they are.

Then I said something that I regretted soon afterwards. I said “you seem more interested in that than me,” and she seemed to take that as a no, and put it back. I don’t know if I simply didn’t feel like explaining myself or if I genuinely didn’t care about horror or collecting anymore or I simply didn’t want to show signs of being interested in it for whatever reason.

My mom looked around at other collections there were around there and now that I’m into collecting I look back at this with the upmost cringe.

All these years later I actually finally got the collection, and I also often ask for other similar ones for Christmas and birthdays, but I still don’t understand why I acted that way and regret not watching some of the movies with my mom, she’s not as patient with that sort of thing as she was back then (though tbh knowing her she probably would have found a lot of the movies very boring).

Yeah this is all pretty dumb but I really hate when people are inconsistent, especially myself.

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  • some people feel uncomfortable letting other people buy them gifts, even when it's their parents. you probably said it so you didn't come off as entitled as if you expected her to buy them for you

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  • I wish someone would answer this

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