Is it normal i often like the way girls look in specific dresses?

For example: I really like Susan and Lucy’s dresses in the movie Prince Caspian (referring to the red and purple ones) and while I like their other ones I’ve always really liked those in particular and I’m glad they were put to film. I guess the weird part is that I’m sad if there’s no image of them (like in the movie Narnia has no cameras so the best way the characters could remember them is by painting).

If I ever get a girlfriend she’ll probably get tired of me taking pictures of her when I think she looks particularly good.

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  • I like it too...
    Just make sure she feel good in that dress and look like gorgeous princess not like clown and slut

    Some Young girls understands some just throw it out and Wear their daily stuff

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  • Probably normal I know I look better in dresses but nice ones are expensive so hardly wear them since tights are like a quarter of the price and I’m not the one who has to pay for my clothes so don’t get a choice.

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  • Whatever dress emphasizes the boobs :)

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