Is it normal i no longer believe in conspiracy theories?

At age 13-21 I would read books,watch history channel documentary shows, listen to Coast to Coast radio conspiracy theories and believe everything these nuts told me.

911 was an inside job.
The illuminati.
Ancient Aliens.
UFO Roswell cover up.
Mobile phones are tracking devices watching us.
The elite are really a reptile alien race.
The US government killed JFK

I'm in my 20's now and longer believe in government cover ups or conspiracy theories. What happened? Why did I change and why does it make me depressed that I no longer believe in government conspiracy stuff?

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  • Mobiles phones are literally tracking devices, its not a conspiracy theory.

    A court in the USA concluded that the official story of the JFK murder was a lie and that there were multiple shooters and he was shot from multiple angles.

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  • No shit sherlock. You get smarter as you age.

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  • "The man" indoctrinated you to become a slave pod. You will now spend the rest of your life working for them, scratching out a subsistence living, while they siphon all your money, time and energy in order to party and laugh at you.

    You'll do this for 50 years if lucky, then be spit out as a useless, old person, dying broke and alone.

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  • It's probably just a shift in your interest- not something serious. I do think some of those conspiracies have a thread of credibility though, especially for the fact that they can all link together. Besides, even if the conspiracies were or weren't true, your knowledge or belief in them won't make a difference

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  • Perfectly normal although a couple aren't necessarily conspiracy theories as mentioned above. Once I gave up the inane belief in a god my other beliefs like ancient aliens, cryptozoology, Area 51 all sort of vanished. Never believed in most of the others to start.

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